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Today is Friday, April 20, 2018

Total Not Chartered Leagues to Date: 10
District League Name
Charter Status
President Name
District 02 Brunswick Babe Ruth League
Not Chartered
Angela Evans
District 03 Charles City Babe Ruth League
Not Chartered
Michael Logan
District 02 Charlotte County Babe Ruth League
Not Chartered
Ron Bagley
District 10 Christiansburg Parks & Recreation
Not Chartered
Chuck Muncy
District 02 Dinwiddie Babe Ruth League
Not Chartered
Wayne Milton Ivey
District 02 Greensville Babe Ruth League
Not Chartered
Jamie Wright
District 08 Herndon-Reston Youth Softball BRL
Not Chartered
Lou Lamoureux
District 04 Madison County Youth Parks & Rec Softball
Not Chartered
Krystal Perry
District 10 Narrows Recreation Department
Not Chartered
Wayne Gautier
District 10 Pulaski County Parks & Recreation
Not Chartered
John Myers

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